Monika Stone Skin Signature Facial

We blend the art of pampering European skin care with the latest skin science to achieve the short and long term goals for your skin. This luxurious treatment includes deep cleansing, customized peeling/exfoliation, relaxing face and neck massage, hydrating eye treatment, and a personalized mask.

Basic European Facial

This facial rejuvenates, revitalizes and hydrates your skin. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, relaxing face and neck massage, hydrating mask, and conditioning hand therapy.

Collagen Restorative Facial

This superior rejuvenating and re-hydrating treatment improves the elasticity and radiance of your skin. An anti- aging regimen of collagen is locked into your skin’s surface through sericin silk and heat/vibration therapy.

Aromatherapy Deluxe Facial

Built on our Signature Facial, this extraordinarily indulgent beauty experience will soothe and relax you. Luxuriate with aromatherapy, theraffin treatment, and the finishing touch of a lavish hand and foot massage.

Go & Glow Facial

Refresh, revitalize, and illuminate your skin with this results-oriented facial. Emerge feeling relaxed, polished, and pampered with a beautiful radiant glow. This highly effective treatment is the perfect facial for any occasion — special or just as a treat. 

Ultimate Platinum Facial

A truly transformative facial this multiple step treatment refreshes and de-stresses your face before a special occasion. Our non-invasive advanced technology produces fast results to improve elasticity and make your skin firmer, bringing more definition to your features and giving your eyes a rested and rejuvenated look. Luxurious and pampering treatments intensely hydrate and restore your skin, eliminating fine lines and adding instant radiance. You deserve to look your Platinum Best for your big event, and you will.